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People are always on the internet and looking for things to read and do, as business owners we should be taking advantage of this to bring in more traffic for our business, and blogging is a great way to do that! 

Blogging can build your website traffic and help you build relations with your customers. You can find many templates to help you format your blog post on Canva for free and there are many tools you can utilize to help you start now! A business blog is a marketing channel that businesses can use to drive more traffic to their platforms. 

This article I found Why Blog? The Benefits of Blogging for Business and Marketing ( goes over 7 main ways blogging can help your business right now! And why you should start blogging for your business now! 

The first one is that it helps drive traffic to your website. Blogging helps bring in new traffic and readers to your website! By blogging you are creating more pages for your website that are posted and put out there so that your business and name is out there more. The more posts and pages posted the more your business and website is seen which means more traffic for your business.  

Another reason to start blog posting is because blog posting can be repurposed for social media content. This can help you grow your social media platform and bring you more views and followers! When you create a blog it can be shared by individuals on various media platforms and this will help keep your media presence and keep it growing! 

The third reason for blog posts is that it helps convert your traffic into leads. Leads are generated by adding a call-to-action for people to click on to bring more traffic to your website. When your traffic sees the blog post reads it then they see the call-to-action and click on it to receive whatever offer or free deal you give them then this brings them to your website and gets them to see your products and a lead is created! Below is a picture demonstrating how a stranger can become a customer and even a promoter through blogging. 

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Blogging also helps establish authority by answering customers' questions, showing them what you know and how you are a professional in your particular industry. This helps you educate your customers and build their trust by helping them grow their knowledge on a topic. Your customers have more knowledge about you, your products, and how they want to connect to you, whether that is by visiting your website, following your social media platforms, or even by ordering your Prodcuts. 

A fifth reason why blog posts help grow your business is because they help you build links! Backlinks (links from one site to another) are used and utilized on blog posts and these help you share more website and media links so that your traffic is increased in many ways. 

Blogging also helps you drive long-term results. When you create a blog post you are putting your business out there and you can just leave it to be generated by search engines and found by users allowing you to sit back as traffic starts to generate in your website. From just one blog post you can continue to get leads for days, months, and even years! 

Lastly, blog posts can help share your company news! Blog posts can let your customers know about your business, how you're growing, what you're changing, about new products…etc. This will keep your customers updated and help you maintain more of a personal relationship with them as you share updates with them! 

Here is an example of a blog post with an engaging title, photos, and story to share with customers more about their business and. This blog post can engage with customers and bring the business posting this traffic in many ways. One of them being by the inspirational story they are telling; this could pull on the heart strings of their customers. It is also building relationships with their customers through sharing personal information and experience. Customers may want to subscribe, follow, or even purchase from their website after realizing this business has an inspirational story and there are real people working it behind the scenes.                                                         Blog post example - Document (A4) (

In conclusion if you are a small business owner and want to grow your customer traffic and business brand then you should start blogging now! Blogging is a vital tool that can be used to help you turn strangers into customers and promoters to help grow your business. It’s never too late to start! 

Click the link below to see more examples of how I use Canva & blogging to help me grow my jewelry business!

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