Growing with Google Analytics

What is google analytics? 

According to this article How to Use Google Analytics to Improve Your Digital Marketing Campaigns (, Google Analytics helps organize and give valuable data that can be used for digital marketing. Data plays a huge role in the marketing world and there is lots of data out there that is why it's important for marketers to learn how to utilize the tools of Google Analytics. By using the tool of Google Analytics you can do in depth Studies of your websites performance and behavior. Understanding your customers behaviors and website performances helps marketers to better be able to meet customers needs.

Google analytics in the Marketing world

Google analytics can be one of the most useful and powerful tools for marketers because it helps them do what marketers should be doing which is analyze and monitor website traffic. When marketers understand and can easily monitor their traffic it helps them see how their customers experience and the overall conversion of their traffic. 

There are main sections that Google Analytics helps you figure out: 


  1. Audience: It helps marketers see and understand their audience by looking at factors like their demographics, locations, age, gender, how long they stay on, and what devices they are using. 


  1. Acquisition: Showing marketers how people arrive at their website and they can see what areas they should be working on to get more customers to access their website. 


  1. Behavior: This looks over what customers do when they actually arrive at your website. How long they stay on, how many pages they go to, do they put items in their cart, or do they purchase anything. 


  1. Conversions: Then lastly the main goal for businesses is to see how many people are taking action and either purchasing products, signing up in your email list, clicking links,..etc. because these are the ways that businesses grow.

How to Set up google analytics on your website 

In order to use Google analytics, you have to install it and create a google analytics account. Then when you create an account, you have to add tracking codes in order to track your website's activity. You can do this by requesting one and then copying and pasting it onto every website page that you would use Google Analytics to track. 

Now start using it and tracking 

Google Analytics helps track progress to see how your website is doing and if it is functioning efficiently and effectively. There are multiple ways to do this. 


  • Traffic Source: looking at how customers are finding your website. The traffic sources tell you where and how customers are coming onto your website. 


  • Customer Reports: There are also customer reports you can make to look at metrics that are based in your own categories that would not be in the default settings. 


  • Social Settings: tracking social media marketing campaigns on your different media platforms.

In conclusion Google analytics is another valuable tool that you do not want to miss out on as a Marketer or small business owner in general! Google analytics can help you:


  • Organize your data
  • Track your traffic
  • Analyze your website 
  • See your conversion rates


And ultimately with Google analytics you can see how to grow your business by learning what is or isn't working and changing it. Google analytics helps you dive deeper into understanding how your website works and who your customers do when they are on it. 


You can never have too many tools to grow your business! If you're ready to learn another valuable tool then don’t wait and get started with Google Analytics today!

Click the link below to follow directions on how to set up Google Analytics! This link will take you through step by step on how to set up Google Analytics and how to get going. 


[GA4] Set up Analytics for a website and/or app - Analytics Help (



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