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Shopify is a platform that allows businesses to design their own website through them. It is different than Etsy and other third-party website platforms in the sense that Shopify does not bring direct traffic to the website the businesses created on Shopify. This makes it very important for businesses to know how to bring in their own traffic. 

This article by Shopify I found, How To Create a Social Media Marketing Strategy: 10 Steps to Success (2023) - Shopify, was made by Shopify to help let their users know how to create a successful Social Media marketing strategy. This article goes over 10 steps on how to create a marketing strategy that will bring traffic to your business and help grow your business sales. 

First you must Define your goals, these goals may look different depending on your brand and the impact you want to make with social media marketing. Whatever these goals are they should be realistic by being specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time bound. This will help you stay on track with your goals and actually complete them. Some examples of goals could be increasing brand awareness, driving traffic, growing your audience, and even making more sales. 

Then another key step that goes with defining your goals is to know your target audience, because if you have goals to grow your business but do not know your target market and who to reach and how they want you to be able to accomplish these goals. Some factors that should be considered when finding your target market are their age, location, income, interests…etc. By defining these and the people you are trying to reach you will save both time and money on marketing to people who wouldn't even want to buy from you anyways.

Another step into growing the success of your media platform is by conducting social media Audits. This is simply looking at your media insights and examining what is working and what is not. Below is an example of you can do this and some insightful information you can find from doing this. 

Made New Permanent Jewelry with a Mission (@made_new_jewelrywithamission) • Instagram photos and videos

With this information above you can analyze engagement, identify patterns, and run these same audits on different platforms. 

This leads into the fourth step you should do which is choosing the right platforms. Some platforms may just simply not be helpful or bring your business customers that you need or want. You should evaluate which platforms are easier for you to market on and which ones are bringing you the most views and traffic

Some companies may thrive off of less platforms while others may use more and do best with that. Above is an example of a company that utilizes TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, and even YouTube to reach a wide audience and drive traffic to their business. 

Next you need to develop a content strategy choosing specific content at a time to launch. You should try your best to have a consistent pattern of content posting and have it planned so your customers are getting it at consistent times. 

This goes into the next important step which is creating a content calendar. By doing this you can stay on track with your content posts and make sure you are not just doing the same thing repeatedly. Here is an example of a template you could use to stay on track and plan your content posts.

Now the 7th step for growing your business through media is going a step further from creating content. This step focuses on engaging with your audience and the importance of sharing, liking, commenting, and being active as a social media user too, not just a poster. 

You should also consider collaborating with influencers in your industry and niche to Leverage your marketing. This will help your customers be influenced and help them see reviews and get a more relatable idea of what your product could like on them.

Now for some of the final steps you should Monitor and Analyze your Performance seeing what is bringing you views and money and what is not. 

Then lastly you should be iterating and refining constantly learning what is working and what is not and changing with the trends you see. Something may be working for a while then just stop out of nowhere, you should be able to notice these things and adapt and find new ways to keep growing your business through Social Media! 

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I enjoyed reading this! Your blog is interesting and insightful for readers aiming to market their products, services, or brands on social media. Shopify is a powerful tool in today’s word of ecommerce, and your linked article is also a great wealth of information. The step-by-step format is excellent, and I like how you included examples from your experience with promoting your brand on social media and stressed the importance of knowing your target audience, creating and scheduling content that appeals to them on the platforms that they are on, and then auditing and analyzing past performance to make sure your strategy is on track.

Heather Mote

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