Growing with Google: Do More for Your Business than Post

Social media marketing isn't just posting content; there is so much more when it comes to being successful on social media for your business. In this blog I will be going over some main ways that you can help grow your businesses social media marketing and one tool that can help you! This tool I will be going over it google business!

 According to this video on How To Market Your Business On Social Media ( , you want to focus on three main things when creating content for your business.  

  1. Lead Generation: generating leads that come to your business through social media posts and google ads.
  1. Lead Nurture: nurturing your customers by showing them more about your business and taking care of their needs.
  1. Lead Conversion: converting views to buyers by brining customers from your social media content to your website and getting orders.
 You want to be doing things that help grow your business. DON'T JUST CREATE CONTENT TO CREATE CONTENT. You want a return on time, money, and investment that you are putting in through social media marketing.

    How To Create a Strategy  

    Just posting is not a strategy, in order to lead generation, nurture, and conversions for your business you need a strategy. 

    • Branding 

    What do you want your business to be about? How do you want to stand out? What is your business logo, name, saying? How will your customers know it is you? Creating a strong brand is important and vital for social media marketing. 

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    • Story Telling 

    The story of your business is important and helps you connect with your customers. 

    When you go deeper into why you started your business and tell stories about it it resonates with your customer, and they are more interested and likely to become leads for your business. You want to create content for reactions, and this happens by telling deeper stories to make people look, not just posting “fun facts”.

    How to grow your social media 

    On top of the things listed above you can focus on these three main pots to grow your business

    1. A strong call to action, give them a reason to act. 
    2. Know, like, trust, nurture your audience and create that relationship. 
    3. 80/20 rule: 80 value and about business, only 20 is call to action and about buying products.

    Now let's look at how you can start doing these things and grow your business for free through having a Google Business Profile! 

    According to this video on The Best Marketing Tool: Google Business Profile ( , Google business and ads can be great business tools that every business should be utilizing!  

    Google business is free for businesses to advertise their products online. By creating a google business account business can show so much more of their business that would be usually hidden from the internet. Customers can find out more of their business and actually see all of the content you are creating for your business. 

     With google business you can:

    • Do product listings,
    • Run promotions through google ads.
    • And have google reviews.
    All of these can help your business with the three leads. Leading generation, leading nurture, and leading conversions.  


    In order to do these businesses have to get google business verified. This is probably the most tedious process, but it is not too hard. Then after they are verified, it is all about giving good descriptions for their business so that google can help match customers' needs to what they want. Google wants to be the matchmaker helping customers find what they want fast. So, the more a business can do this the more google will recommend that business. This will increase the opportunities for your business and customers.

    Start doing something with the content you are creating for your business by using Google business and Google Ads to create leads to grow your business today! 


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    Zoe, your blog post offered a lot of information to grow a business using social media marketing. I think it was a very beginner-friendly marketing read, and the information you gave did not seem intimidating. Some suggestions I would have include using heading levels so that headings stand out and using anchor text for image sources instead of pasting the full link. You have some great information in your post, but I think that the full links cause some disconnect and make the formatting seem less cohesive. Something that I really enjoyed about your blog post was your use of graphics you have made for your business.

    Autumn McKee

    I love the organization and style of writing as its very simple, educating, and also very visually appealing. i like the call to action you have at the end of your blog which would attract a lot of people into your desired landing page. Very good job !

    Alex Marealle

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