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An example of a business that successfully uses social media as a marketing tool is National Geographic. According to this article I found on 7 Big Companies With Great Social Media Marketing - trendHERO, National Geographic was among them. National Geographic was as you could assume a non-Instagram brand, since they were mainly articles, blogs, and a magazine focused brand. They however where the first non-Instagram brand to get over 100 million followers in 2019 and they have over doubled their following today. 

National Geographic partners with Photographers who help them create raw, authentic, and great quality photos that capture the beauty and uniqueness of nature. On their Instagram National Geographic posts everything from original photos to inspirational videos and so on. Their content captivates the attention of nature lovers, animal lovers, travelers, and explorers. 

This article also went over strategies that any business should use to best use social media as a marketing tool, all of these things that I am about to go over National Geographic has excelled in. 

When developing a Social Media Strategy: 

  • Use Humor 

Try to add little things to grab the attention of your viewers and make them laugh. Whether it's a funny video, picture, or quote, it will make your viewers and followers happy and like they are getting something positive out of your page. 

National Geographic does this by posting funny and cute pictures of animals creating engaging and unique graphics and even doing interviews that are meant to bring a smile to their viers face. Below is an example of a photo National Geographic created and posted on Instagram that is very humorous and stylish.
  • Be Consistent

You should also make sure to do your best and have your social media account look consistent in design, layout, content…etc. Not only should your posts go together and look good on your layout matching your brand but the content you share should go with what your brand stands for and your overall social media theme. 

For example, National Geographics Instagram account consent in its layout posting very raw and dark bold colors consistently. Their layout consists of dark greens, blues, and other naturistic colors. They also are posting either photos of animals and nature or sharing vlogs and interviews evenly disturbed though their feed. This keeps followers engaged and not bored to the same thing all the time. 


National Geographic (@natgeo) • Instagram photos and videos
  • Pay Attention to the Visual 
For success on most social media platforms and on Instagram in particular you must have good visuals that stop views and make them stop to look and watch what you have to show them! It doesn't matter how well you can write or what you have to say if they do not see something that they are interested enough to read or watch! 

National Geographic does really well at creating and posting good visuals that capture their audience's attention. Their pictures are bold and brilliant and hard to skip especially for their target audience! 

  • Don’t Forget About User-Generated Content 

Lastly, Instagram and other social media platforms are ultimately meant for you to share things with your customers to build a relationship with them. A huge part of this relationship building is through posting user-generated content, this is content that people create about your business or organization and share it with you. This gives you more content and helps add credibility to your brand name when other individuals are creating content for your liking, sharing, and posting on your behalf! 

National Geographic does this in many ways, one major way being that the photos they post on their Instagram are done by individual photographers. National Geographic shares the 

Photographers photo then gives the photographer credit for the photo. By doing this individual's desire to engage with National Geographic and want to help them grow their brand by creating photos and content worthy of being shared on National Geographic! This helps both National Geographic grow, and it helps these skilled individuals share their talent with the world! 

In conclusion, National Geographic successfully uses social media as a marketing tool. With their bold colors, their strong brand recognition, great quality photos, and interaction with their viewers National Geographic excels on Instagram! This has become a tool for them to grow their brand, their followings, and their viewers. 

If you follow some you focus on using humor, being consistent, paying attention to visuals, and not forgetting to post user-generated content then like National Geographic you can have a successful social media platform!

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I appreciate the use of bold and italics to make the text easier to read. The bullet points are also nice, and list makes good use of parallelism. However, I noticed quite a few grammar errors, such as inconsistent capitalization.

I enjoyed the section about encouraging user-generated content and promoting engagement with fans of the company. I did not previously consider the importance of building a community that is rewarded for its participation. The other points of humor and visual aesthetic are also accurate and practical.

Overall I like the application points but I think the overall article could be longer and a little more put together. I look forward to reading more of your blog!

Careena Campbell

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