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If you haven't been reaching as many customers as you'd like, then maybe you haven't been practicing search engine optimization (SEO). This can make a huge difference in your website's traffic and sales bringing more customers to you by the things they search for. 

This article I found, How Optimize Your Shopify Store for Shopify SEO | 2024 Guide ( gives practical and valuable steps to how you can work on your SEO skills to bring traffic to your website. This article looks out how this is possible specifically through Shopify which is a platform small business can create their own website on!

 As a small business owner personally, I love Shopify here are just a few reasons why I chose Shopify as my website platform:

  • It's easy to work 
  • Free to start 
  • You can make sales without any additional fees they charge you (unlike ETSY or other website platforms) 
  • Then they give you tips and help in making sales 
  • & Shopify connects to lots of other business apps and tools 

However, one thing Shopify doesn't do is bring you traffic once you have made your website, this is up to you and how you share your website on social media, google, and through SEOs. That is why it's important to learn how to optimize your search engines. 

This article goes over 9 steps that you can use SEO to grow your Shopify traffic.

1. Target Relevant Keywords

First you should have relevant keywords that go with your business and the products you sell. You can find relevant keyword by:

             a. Conducting Keyword research 

You can use keyword research tools to search relevant keywords and terms for your business.

            b. Focusing on long-tail research,

 Long-tails are keywords that contain three or more words like “dainty gold jewelry”, or “tarnish free jewelry” ...etc. 

2. Optimize Product Pages with High-value Keywords

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Next once you have chosen good keywords for your website you should put them to the appropriate products and make sure to not overuse keywords because this will not help your rankings. Some key places to put your keywords are in Title tags, meta descriptions, headings. 

3. Improve User Experience with Fast Page Speed

The main focus of SEO is to improve your users experience and another way to keep your users happy is by having fast page speed. Below are just a few ways that you improve your page speed and thus improve your user's experience:

  1. Reducing redirects
  2. Compressing image size
  3. Leveraging browser caching
  4. Minifying JavaScript
  5. Minifying CSS 

4. Add Visual Elements to Boost Engagement 

Because users can't see the product in person, they rely heavily on the multimedia you provide them with, photos, videos, and product reviews. You want to make sure these photos and videos are high quality and that you also give customers a full 360 view of the product (don't hide anything). 

5. Make your Navigation Easy to Use

You want to make it easy for customers to find your products when they open your website and make it easy for them to navigate it. If your search engines bring your customers to your website but they can't navigate it easily then it is a waste, and they don't want to buy from you anyways. 

6. Optimize your Product Pages for Shoppers

Now you should focus directly on the products that you are creating these search engines for. You should make sure to do and include the following to optimize your product pages:

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          a. Include high-quality photos

Images with high resolution and quality that capture your products in a realistic and appealing way. 

          b. Provide necessary details in product description 

Let customers know the details about your product and why they should get this product. 

         c. Show product options

Show them how they can personalize the product and get the perfect version for them. 

7. Create Content to Drive Traffic to your Site

Content plays a huge role in improving your SEO on your website. Like I said above Shopify does not send you customers and traffic directly you have to generate this on your own and you can do this through creating content. You can share the content you create on various platforms like:

  1. Blogs
  2. Videos 
  3. Infographics 
  4. Ebooks
  5. Guides
  6. And more 

8. Use Call to Action Buttons to Guide Users 

Call to Action Buttons (CTAs) are vital for how you get customers from finding you to actually clicking and going to your website or viewing a specific product. CTA buttons help guide your customers to the next step.

9. Test Everything 

Lastly when you learn to use SEOs properly it is important to continually test them and adapt as things change to see what does or doesn't work. Here are just a few elements you can test:

  1. CTAs
  2. Headings
  3. Photos
  4. Location of Forms
  5. Information asked for on a form

In conclusion, SEO is an important marketing tool to help small businesses bring traffic to their website and bring them more sales. You could have the best products and website but if people can't get to it or find it then what does that do for your business's growth?!

Start growing your businesses traffic today! Click the link to read more helpful blogs!

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Hey, Zoe! Your blog was very easy to follow and gave me a great amount of information on SEO! First, I love how you personalize your information by adding in about how you used it for your small business. This helps build credibility and make your readers see that you are a person too. Each of your nine steps were extremely helpful and will give me good insight into using search engine optimization moving forward in my business endeavors. I am sure it also gave you great information to enhance your small businesses platform as well! Overall, great job and happy blogging!

Kara Morey

Hey Zoe!

Great Job on your article! I really think you did very well on explaining what SEO exactly is and how one can implement it for their own business. Also, I like the fact that you linked it to Shopify to provide a real life example. That way, it is easier to follow and to understand what it SEO really can do and how it can help to drive traffic. Also, I like how you categorized everything and not just simply a huge text. It is very easy and pleasing to follow and understand! Great job keep it up!


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