Why Email Marketing is the Best Tool for Business Growth

Emails can be another valuable tool for marketing your business! Marketing emails help bring you traffic, help you keep your customers, and make more sales! This video I watched, Complete Email Marketing Tutorial for Beginners (2024) (youtube.com) gave many valuable tips on how to make effective marketing emails and why you should! 


Why Use Email Marketing? 

First let's look at how email marketing can help your business! There are many ways sending out consistent emails to your customers can help you expand your businesses footprints,

  • Email marketing targets your customers. 
  • By sending out email you are reminding customers about your products and business so that you are not losing them, and you have another opportunity to grab their attention. 
  • It helps your customers stay up to date and they are more likely to buy a product after they have seen it multiple times and read about it. 
  • According to the video 77% of customers say that they would rather receive emails as a form of marketing instead of ads, commercials,...etc. because emails are more direct and personal. 

How to Use Email Marketing?

Now for how to use email marketing and how to make effective marketing emails! First you must choose the right offer, campaign, or content to promote for an email list. Then you must create a landing page to start your email marketing. And finally you create an engaging email! 

  1. Choose the right offer to promote for an email list

The first step in creating an engaging and effective email is choosing the right content to promote. You want to get information, or a deal that will grab the attention of your customers! Once you have this you should think of a catching title that prompts them to open and read your email. Then give a description of your offer of contents through a short video or a sentence or two. You don't want to be too wordy or boring, but you want to be informing. 

  1. Create a landing page to start doing email marketing

Next you need to find a platform to launch your email campaign on. These are important because you can create, design, keep track of your subscribers and email activity through these. Below is an example of using Shopify to send emails, it is easiest if you can link your emails to your website! If you don't have a website, you can find many free email landing pages for free to start your email marketing! 

 Here are pictures of how you can use Shopify to create and launch emails.

  1. Create and Send Your Email! 

Now for the final and most important part, creating and sending your email! When creating your email you should use similar branding and style to your business. You want to keep your emails short and precise so that they do not overwhelm or bore your customer, along with creating templates that are simple and not too messy. Because your goal of sending out marketing emails is to grow traffic for your business and sales you should make sure to put hyperlinks with calls to action in your email. You should put multiple embedded links to other blog posts, social media, and your website to bring your business more traffic from your emails! 

Here is an example email I designed that is fairly simple to let my subscribers know that we are starting to sell in person at farmers markets! I did a simplistic layout and didn't make it too wordy, so they won't get bored or overwhelmed. I also added a picture and embedded my Instagram link twice so that they can click on that and get more information about the markets. I can then view the activity of the email and see if any of my subscribers clicked my links and hopefully some of them will even show up at some of my markets! 

Start your Email Marketing Now!!

In conclusion, email marketing can be another valuable tool to help you bring more traffic to your business! Whether you are trying to get your customers to look at your social media platforms, read your blog posts, or go directly to your website to order products, emails can help remind and show your customers! It’s never too late to start your email marketing now! Don’t be discouraged if it doesn't bring you lots of results at once just start sending constant emails and build your subscribers list then see the results grow! You can also sign up to as many other email lists in your industry and niche to see how they are sending emails and learn what you may want to do or not to do! 

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Hi, Zoe!

Your jewelry business is so unique! Seeing how you connected your blog to your existing website drew my attention. I admire the mission of your business and how each purchase goes back to support non-profit and Christian organizations. I will definitely keep Made New in mind because I love my jewelry! Keep up the great work with this mission. I appreciate how your blog and site are visually appealing and easy to follow.

Emails are a great reminder tool to keep an audience engaged with your business. The key is to create an email that is worth opening! As with your example email, a graphic, a consistent brand and color scheme, and a simple layout draws attention to the email. Email marketing is another great way for marketers to measure their performance through KPIs.

Thanks for sharing!

Jodie Dean

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